StreetFeast Abu Dhabi

Everybody loves Abu Dhabi in the winter! It’s the only time we actually get to see people do fun things out in the open and not just hurrying to next air conditioned area.

December was filled great family events across the UAE, one of them being StreetFeast Abu Dhabi. It was sponsored by Abu Dhabi Tourism, Zomato, Truckers and many more.

The event took place at Lake Park by the Corniche. Some local talents performed their renditions of our favorite songs. There was even a little space made for graffiti artists to work some of their magic on.

Since StreetFeast was part of the Abu Dhabi Food Festival, let’s not forget why any of us showed up..

There were about 40 different food trucks serving up a storm. But we decided to go for some burgers from Tandem dxb.

This awesome truck was hidden way in the back with a couple of others. We ordered their Bbq Pulled Beef Burger and Buffalo Chicken Sandwich.

It tasted great! Fresh, juicy and worth every fils. (It’s their bestseller for a reason)

Unforuntately, the Buffalo Chicken wasn’t as good as I’d hoped. It was way too dry and almost difficult to chew.

Sadly there was no room in our tummies for desserts from other food trucks. Maybe next year? We’ll see.

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