Bait El Khetyar

Rating: 4/5 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Avg Cost for 2: AED 70.00

I had the most intense craving for Shawarma last week and kept asking around for a good place to get my fix from. My friend suggested Bait-El-Khetyar ( which translates to The Geezer’s House) since it’s already very popular for making good Shawarma wraps, mixed grills and other traditional Levantine dishes.


The place is quite small, but that didn’t stop people from flooding in. I think that’s always good sign and shows that they’re probably doing something right. Not much to say about the interiors except that it felt like we were dinning at a very old Lebanese hut. The Best part was the fact that you could see everything being made through glass screens; the Shawarma station, the clay oven, and the little kitchen where everything else was being made. Staff were accommodating and didn’t mind showing us around.

We ordered their Shawarma Arabi El-Khetyar; a platter consisting of chicken and meat Shawarma, french friees, salad and accompanied by garlic and tahina dip. I fell in love with the meat Shawarma, it was so tender, juicy and a little tangy from the tomatoes and parsley it was mixed with. They really did a wonderful job with it. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the chicken one. It was just average.

Nobody ever stops at just one Shawarma and calls it a day. Which is why we decided to try their Mexican Chicken Shawarma. Hands down, best I’ve ever had! I requested that they add extra hot sauce (because I’m dramatic like that). It was spicy, juicy and worth every fils! I highly recommend this one.
Final Thoughts:

If you’re in search of authentic, pocket friendly Shawarma, look no further! Bait-el-Khetyar managed to make a name for itself in a city that has Shawarma joints around every corner. Will definitely come by more often to try their other signature dishes.

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