Going Keto

Now I’m sure you’ve heard about the ketogenic diet and the amazing health benefits of taking up a low carb diet. So I’ll just give you a short summary of my experience in the past few months.

I’ve pretty much struggled with my weight ever since I can remember. I’ve tried a few different diets in my time. It’s not that none of them have worked, but it had a lot to do with my ability to see them through.

I either got bored or failed to see any results FAST (it’s dumb I know). So my friend suggested giving the Keto diet a shot about a year ago but the idea seemed ridiculous to me considering all the love I have for carbs and super crazy sugar treats (check my older posts for proof). I just didn’t think it would suit me. It felt like I had to give up a lot of the foods that I enjoy and that just didnt seem like a good way to live.

Fast forward to February of this year, I challenged myself to cut off carbs from my diet and increasing my good fat intake for a month just to see if it would make a substantial difference in my weight.

Now, the first week was an absolute nightmare. I was in a horrible mood and felt tired all the time! Coming from a Somali family, about 80% of what we make at home is crazy high in carbs. I’m talking different types of rice dishes, pastas, homemade bread loaves, Canjeero (Somali pancakes?). I had to either order in salads or make eggs in every style possible.

That’s when I decided I needed to cook actual meals for myself by following delicious and super easy recipes from Keto related Facebook groups and the Ketongenic diet subreddit. I love that theres a huge community out there that continue to support people who are just starting out. Seeing everyone share their progress and struggles actually motivated me to go on in those first couple of weeks.

Sure enough, I lost about 4 kgs without having to workout in the first month. I stopped eating out as much and learned how to cook without setting the house on fire or damaging the kitchen. I felt more energetic and focused at work. Plus, thanks to the high fat intake, I felt satiated for longer hours after every meal! Another added benefit I should probably mention was that I also ended up saving a lot of money since I stopped eating outside as much. I only bought what I needed for a week and kept restocking as the days went on.

I’ve been at it for 4 months now, slowly shrinking and fitting into smaller sizes. I did slip up a few times here and there but I made sure to get myself back on track.

The only downside was that it was hard to go eat out with friends and family. Plus I basically kept the food blogging thing on hold for the longest time. Which is why, from now on, I’ll be helping my fellow keto-ers by sharing all the low carb/high fat yums they can order at pretty much any restaurant in Abu Dhabi. I’ll also be sharing quick and easy keto recipes from time to time in case you get tired of having yet another omelette.

Yes, it will be challenging but this time, I actually cant wait to get started!

Keep calm and keto on!


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