Barbeque Nation

Happy Friday my loves! The hunt for keto friendly eateries is a never ending one. I’m always tasked with picking a place that works for me and my non-keto friends and family. So, as always, I had to scroll past restaurants on several food apps and stumbled upon Barbeque Nation. I was quiet surprised that it was the first time I’ve heard about it even though they have many branches throughout the world. Eat all you can Indian barbecue at a reasonable price? YES PLEASE!

Anyway, here’s a summary of how it all went down.

The dinner buffet starts at 6:30pm and for a restaurant tucked in the corner of the ground floor at the mall, it got filled up pretty quick. I always take that as a good sign.

Lots of great seating options. There were comfortable booths with mini grills fitted in the middle of the tables.

I took the liberty of having a quick look around the buffet and found out that they have cooking live stations for Indian desserts and savory snacks (chaat).

Sadly, I couldn’t have any, but I did rack up on some nice salads I found at the salad bar.

Speaking of live cooking stations, I wanted to try some of the spicy tawa fried vegetables (mostly eggplants and lady fingers).

Taste wise, I think it needs some work. It was a little too dry and difficult to chew for me.

Later, we found out the restaurant had an African themed buffet and this will go on for about 2 weeks (I think it’s til the end of July).

I got myself a small serving of their African peanut soup. First I’ve ever heard of it, to be honest. It was light, well seasoned and had a little nutty flavor to it. I’ve also noticed they had an Ethiopian fish stew! I had to pass on it because I was trying to save up as much space as possible for the main course.

As soon as we headed back to our booth, the waiter showed up with hot skewers of chicken, fish and shrimp. They come in 3 levels of spiciness, so naturally, we went for the extreme. The marination was excellent! Tangy and packing just the right amount of heat. So delicious! We also got additional Berebere mutton kebabs, which were also phenomenal!

Our waiter explained that the grilled meats will keep coming until we lower a small flag at the table that said “I give up”. I thought it was cute and worth mentioning.

Final notes:

I definitely recommend going to this place if you’re following a carnivore keto diet. It’s also perfect for small family gatherings or for a late lunch after work with your colleagues. Great value for money; we ended up spending less than 200 dhs for all that delicious food. Special thanks to the amazing team at Barbeque Nation for making our first visit a very memorable one. Can’t wait to go back and try new things!

Rating: 4/5 💥💥💥💥

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