Let’s Wok

This place is best known for their kickass stir-fried noodles and stellar delivery record. Food: Ordered the Prawn n Chicken Chili Noodles and two of their bestsellers; the Beef Lo Mein and Dynamite Shrimp. The Prawn n Chicken noodles was light and the flavors weren’t overwhelming. I’d recommend this to someone who wants to try […]

Café 302

Staff & Ambience: Despite it being located in a fairly busy area, you’ll be surprised by how quiet and cozy this place is. Not sure what kinda sound cancelling sorcery they used, but it was very calming. I liked the modern/chic interiors. Plus the soft lighting makes this place ideal for grabbing a coffee with […]


If you’re crazy about Shawarmas, and tend to get nit-picky about what goes into your wrap, this place is for you! Sumaq offers a decent variety of fresh veggies and sauces to choose from. We ordered their beef Shawarma wrap, classic chicken salad bowl, “batata harra”, mint lemonade and pomegranate ice tea. Loved everything! Here’s […]